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Application Layout
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26th Aug 2014

QuoteGeneral advice: 

Your application is normally the first time we really get to meet you and learn about you so try to include as much detail as possible without going overboard. Sell yourself to us, include personal detail and things that make you unique and different from others applying. On a daily basis we read about 50 applications so try to be the one that stands out to us.
(NOTE: Personal detail doesn’t mean IRL names/contact details)

It is true that we prefer detailed applications, however make sure that you don’t write a giant paragraph for one question and leave others with just 1 or 2 lines. Try to spread out your information and include an appropriate amount of detail in all questions.  

Presentation matters: 

The first thing we see when we open an application is the presentation, it really matters. Make sure to use the same size font and font style throughout. We know that colours are exciting but posting your application in rainbow colours is really hard to read. We prefer the use of black font and bolding only the questions not the answers. This is easy on the eyes and will look more professional in the end.  

We understand that English is not the first language of some applicants but please try to spell check your application and make sure all sentences make sense.  

Honesty is key: 

Please do not lie on your application, if we find out that you did lie it will lead to instant denial and you could be permanently blacklisted from applying for staff. Also don't try to conceal infractions on the Hypixel server, be honest about them. We don’t instantly deny people for having infractions on the server if they are honest and can prove they have matured since then. We background check all applicants and if you fail to tell us about infractions on the server it could mean denial.  

Clearing up a few things: 

It is a rumor that we only accept well known members on the forums. Whilst yes being well known on the forums is a nice and shows dedication to the server. Activity on the forums doesn’t always translate well on the server, the main thing we look at is your application.  

Often people speculate that there are secret requirements for helper that we don’t tell you about. To apply for helper you need to be a 16 year old VIP with access to teamspeak.  

We also often get asked by players if they can apply a few days before their 16th birthday because it’s “just a few days”. If you apply before you are 16, even if your birthday is tomorrow you will be denied and will have to wait a month before reapplying. Please be respectful of the rules we set for applying.  

“I wrote an application but I didn’t get a response”. We try to do applications on a daily basis, however there are times when Frey and I are very busy and it can take a few days. However if you haven’t received a reply within a week of posting, send Frey or I a message on the forums and we will look at it. (NOTE: If you are applying for jr Helper you will not receive a reply because pinned threads clearly state applications are closed.)

Contacting us: 

Sending Kaylog or I messages harassing us after we have sent you a reply reflects poorly on your maturity levels and is remembered when you next apply for staff. We don’t mind you asking us questions but please be polite.  

Please do not contact myself or Kaylong on the server about your application. We are constantly busy and we will not have the time to message you back. We will also not have the correct amount of space needed to give you a proper message about your application. So if you wish to ask us questions please contact us on the forums.  

If you do have questions about your application please try to use the conversation started by Kaylong or I in your application response. We consistently have 20+ conversations on the forums and having multiple conversations for the same person is very confusing.

Forum » Forums » Application Layout
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