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Isyz12's beautiful application:
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29th Aug 2014

Greetings who ever reads this, i would asume you FunKillzSlugs

I'm applying for this head-mod application cause i allways liked the fact of minecraft and have personal experience aswell in minecraft servers. I'm most likely allways in good mood, and enjoy being that way, i like having fun when playing minecraft and aswell for others to have fun, not being treated like trash.

I hope this to be an popular and aswell fun server, with more members online on a daily basis. And i'll surely try to get people to join these kind of underated servers. 

I have alot of experience in server making aswell as troubleshooting issues. But also enjoy looking out for bad players that could destroy the community, aswell as the fun such as hackers, modders, glitchers etc.

That's all from me, i hope i will hear again from you again :-)

- Isyz12

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The best diamond miner ever!

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