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29th Aug 2014


Hello staff members my name is Samuel Hachey and my IGN is D4rkAng3ls and I am 17 years old and I am here to make my app because this server is really great even if i just came in and seriously i hope that it could popular and that you guys could make the server even better with times.


I really like minecraft and its the game i play the most on the computer, I am connected 2-3 hours a day. I really hates hacker and i want to become a moderator because im really good for spotting them and Iknow almost all of the hacks and what they contains because I was an Admin on my brother's server wich is closed now and I was watching videos of how hacks work and what they are and also what they contains just to know how to spot the hackers. I do want to become a Moderator because i know peoples will need someone for help and im glad to help anyone with anything and also i know alot of commands.


I am always connected on skype to talk with my friend and I can also answer ppl if they needs anything. I am using Skype,Teamspeak and also Ventrilo.You can also contact me with at my email wich is :

Skype Name : chill_sam_xd


I would also appreciate being Head-Mod if you guys needs me.


Thnx for watching my application and I hope you guys chose me for the Moderator Rank and I hope you guys liked my application.

Thanx Alot !!!

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''Nerver betray the awesome D4rkAng3ls''

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